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Enjoy Healthy Days at University

Date: Friday, 02/11/2018 | Author:

Feeling exhausted with the university work, too many late nights and take away food. It is time to take stock and think about a few ways you can survive the year by trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthier.  It is possible to eat healthy food even on a student’s income. Save some money and home cook a few meals instead of ordering that take away.  Jacket Potatoes cooked in the microwave and finished off in the oven then topped with tuna mayo or baked beans and cheese are cheap and nutritious.  Dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognaise and Chili Con Carne are easy and quick to make.  Search the internet for cheap student meal ideas, there is plenty of choice.

Exercise as much as possible. Exercise oxygenates the brain cells and gets rid of stress toxins. Make sure you do some sort of exercise everyday. If you can’t afford to join the gym on campus, then make sure you do some brisk walking each day even if it is just up the High Street.

Organize your study and free time.  Mark your assessment dates clearly on the calendar and then plan your work time.  You should have a schedule so you can give in your work on time without rushing. Trying to complete assignments, or doing revision, late at night is not a good idea.  You will not be performing at your best and therefore you will not achieve great results.

You deserve some time off for your studies as well.  Doing what you enjoy relaxes the mind and helps keeping stress levels at a minimum. Time off can be organized together your work schedule.  This means you can make the most of your time at university.

Keep Healthy and get organized.  It’s a great way to get the best out of life whilst at university and for the future years