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Tips for Moving into a Student House

Date: Friday, 23/11/2018 | Author: Sally

Are you a first year student wanting to leave student halls/courts to move into the more affordable student house? Read on, here are some tips to make it a smooth move!!


To get the better accommodation at great affordable weekly rents you should start your search early in November. There is a lot of competition for the nice houses. 


Decide which area you would like to live in. Chose an area that has a low crime rate, is close to the University, has plenty of student housing so lots of choice and is not too far from a supermarket/store. In Lincoln one of the best areas is the West End.  It is a safe, quiet and has lots of student houses so lots of choice.


Decide who your house mates are going to be.  Most of the better houses in Lincoln are let out to groups of students not on an individual room basis.  So decide who you want to live with and make sure that all of the group go to the viewings.


The internet is a great place to source your dream student house.  If you search ‘student houses Lincoln” there will be several pages of websites where you can find great student houses near the university.  Choose you’re the nice looking houses and book some viewings.  You and  your group ought to at least view a 3 or 4 houses before you make your decision.


Take a checklist with you with the main points you need to note during the viewings:

·       What is included in the rent?

·       Where is the house located. Is it near the University? Is is a quiet location. Is is a safe location?

·       Are there any fees like application and booking fees?  These can be very high, up to £200 so be warned!!

·       What is the furniture like and is there a desk, chair and decent bed etc.?

·       Are all the bedrooms decent size doubles?  If there is a smaller room(s) is it cheaper?

·       How is the house maintained?

·       Is there a big garden that you will need to keep tidy?

·       Look at the reviews of the landlord/letting agent to make sure they are quick to respond to maintenance issues

·       Check the deposit amount and is it returnable at the end of the tenancy

·       How is the rent paid, monthly or termly?

·       What are the start and end dates of the tenancy?

·       Do you need a parent/guardian to guarantee your rental payments?

·       The process for booking your dream student  house?


When you have found your dream house make sure that you request a copy of the tenancy agreement and read it.  It is important to understand the terms and conditions.  It is also important to check the payment schedule to make sure that it correct and there are no hidden charges.


Happy Hunting and Good Luck!!!