December 2020 - Vacating Your House for Christmas - Student Houses

Vacating Your House for Christmas

Date: Wednesday, 23/12/2020 | Author:
Before vacating your student property for the Christmas break it is important to  make sure you do the following before you leave:
  • Leave rooms tidy. 
  • Turn heating to a low setting.  For those with a wall thermostat turn down to 10 C.  Otherwise turn individual radiator thermostats to 2.  (Do not be tempted to turn the boiler off.  If there are freezing temperatures and the boiler is off, the pipes will freeze causing burst water pipes and flooding).
  • Clear fridges of perishable food
  • Empty bins
  • No dirty pots, pans or plates in the kitchen and any other areas
  • Turn off appliances at the wall plug
  • Turn off lights
  • Move valuables out of view
  • Make sure the house is locked up.
Keep safe.  Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.